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Try Aquastar to view your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly water consumption data online. Learn how to sign into your Aquastar account.

To access the Aquastar web portal, sign into your DigiPay account, and click the Aquastar tab.

What is Aquastar?

Aquastar is the Town's innovative, advanced meter infrastructure system that replaced monthly manual meter reads with a wireless system that collects multiple remote meter reads per day. The Town replaced about 60,000 residential and commercial water meters (including irrigation meters) in Cary and Morrisville with new, state-of-the-art meters.


meterThe water meters contain a transmitter that communicates usage and data via wireless technology directly to the Town. This improves the effectiveness of the Town’s meter reading and customer service operations while enhancing the overall quality of service to utility customers.

Thanks to its advanced technology and backup systems in the field, the new system provides accurate, timely water use data regardless of weather conditions or power outages.

Benefits of Aquastar

  1. Allows for better leak detection and faster response
  2. Reduces the cost of customer service operations, including special meter reads 
  3. Reduces customer service call volume, particularly related to meter readings, estimates and high bill concerns
  4. Reduces carbon emissions by taking meter readers off the road (in one year, 10 meter readers drove 71,000 miles and used 7,000 gallons of fuel)
  5. Reduces the amount of unaccounted water loss due to theft or inaccurate meters
  6. Allows us to evaluate Town-wide compliance with irrigation ordinances
  7. Increases billable revenues, accurately records consumption, and reduces unaccounted for water loss
  8. Provides accurate, useful information for forecasting, facilities planning, rate setting, infiltration and exfiltration management.


The total budget for the project was $17.9 million. It was paid for through the Town’s utility fund. Through operational savings and increased revenue, the project is estimated to have a benefit of $27.5 million over the 17-year project life.


Gregory L. Jenkins, II
Utility Accounts Manager, Finance Department
P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC 27215-8005
(919) 380-4207