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Water Rates

The Town of Cary has a tiered water rate structure to encourage wise water use.

The price of potable water increases with each tier. The number of tiers and allocations within those tiers depends on customer’s classification and type of meter. 

Irrigation Rates

Our tiered water rate structure also applies to potable irrigation use. Residents who irrigate greater than .25 acres may be eligible for a customized tier structure. For more information call (919) 469-4030

Non-residential customers who irrigate with potable water are also charged based on a monthly water budget customized to the square footage of the irrigated area. 

Homes and businesses within designated reclaimed water service districts have access to highly treated wastewater at a flat rate that is permitted for limited purposes, such as irrigation and industrial cooling. 

Utility Fees

Utility Service charge for new customers per metered service:  $18

Late payment: 1 percent per month or a $5 minimum on unpaid balance

Returned check and e-check fee: $25 (Maximum allowed by N. C. state law)

Meter test: $86 per test

Deposit for New Accounts

Residential: $60 per meter
5/8 Inch Meter: $60
1 Inch Meter: $100
1.5 Inch Meter: $150
2 Inch Meter: $200
3 Inch Meter: $300
4 Inch Meter: $400
6 Inch Meter: $600

Non-Payment Charges for Utility Bills

Fee for non-payment of past-due utility charges:

  • Business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. excluding Town holidays: $33
  • After hours: $48

Repeat Call Fee charged anytime a second trip is necessary to perform a requested service: $65

Additional Fees

  • Additional solid waste cart (65 gallon or 95 gallon): $4/month 
  • Purchase additional 18 gallon recycling bin: $8