Watershed Protection and Nitrogen Control

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Watershed Protection (LDO 4.4.6)
The intent of the Watershed Protection Overlay is to ensure the availability of public water supplies at a safe and acceptable level of water quality for present and future residents of the Town and the surrounding region.

Nitrogen control (LDO 7.3.1)
This section is intended to protect water quality for present and future residents of the Town and surrounding regions by limiting the amount of pollutants, including but not limited to nitrogen and phosphorus, in stormwater runoff.

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
BMP Design Manual developed by the State of North Carolina is used to design BMP’s to address the stormwater quality requirements of the Town. Sites and subdivisions that have structural BMP's installed to treat stormwater as part of the approved plan need to have the required paperwork provided to the Town of Cary. The paperwork associated with the BMP will provide information to the owner and the Town that the BMP will be maintained in accordance with the Land Development Ordinance (LDO 4.4.6). 

BMP Paperwork

Town of Cary Nitrogen Control Plan Forms for the Neuse River Basin 
Commercial, Industrial, Residential Sites with known impervious area (PDF or HTML)
Residential Subdivisions with no known building footprints (PDF or HTML)
Reporting form supplement (PDF)

Town of Cary Nitrogen and Phosphorus Control Plan Form for Jordan Lake
Reporting form supplement (PDF)
Accounting tool for required reporting of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Jordan Lake 

Matt Flynn
Stormwater Development Manager
(919) 469-4347