In observance of Thanksgiving, several Cary services will be unavailable or modified on Thursday & Friday, November 26 & 27. Facilities will remain closed, and curbside collection for Thursday will move one day later to Friday. GoCary will not operate on Thursday, but will resume normal operation schedule on Friday, November 27. Read more.

What changes are happening?

Beginning in summer 2017, incremental sections of neighborhoods along the Davis Drive corridor and westward to NC 55 (defined by orange boundaries in the map below) were transitioned from their current Western Pressure Zone (WPZ) into the Central Pressure Zone (CPZ). We expect an increase of approximately 45 pounds per square inch (psi) in the municipal water pressure throughout the defined area, resulting in the “zone shift.”

What should I expect on the day of the pressure zone shift?

Between 7-10 a.m., you may notice Town of Cary staff opening fire hydrants and turning water valves in the street. Valves will be turned slowly and hydrants will be opened for flushing to help ensure a smooth transition of water from Western Pressure Zone to the Central Pressure Zone. Additional Town staff will be in the field monitoring the water pressure in water mains. The operation will take about two hours.

Use water as you normally would throughout the day. There is no anticipated impact to the quality of our water. If you notice any discoloration in the water, run a faucet for a few minutes to flush your lines. Because of the possibility of discolored water, consider delaying running a load of whites in your washing machine until a day or two later. 

If you experience any problems, turn your water off at your master shut off valve and contact a plumber as needed. You can also call the Town at 311 or (919) 469-4090 for additional support.

How do I know if my property is within the area of the pressure zone modification? 

To verify if your property is within the area of pressure modification, search your address on our Pressure Zone Modification map:

View full-size map 

The expected schedule of implementation for your area will be noted for your address. 

Properties within the upcoming pressure modification area will also receive the following:

  • Initial pressure zone modification letter mailed at least 8 weeks in advance of the change
  • Secondary notice letter mailed approximately 4 weeks in advance of the change
  • A reminder 1-2 weeks prior to implementation

If you do not receive these communications and you don't see changes listed for your address on our Pressure Zone Modification map, your property is not part of this project. 

What should I do if my property is within the area of modification?

Take note of the pressure modification date for your area as listed in the map above and the communications you receive and consider doing the following prior to implementation: 

Check that your plumbing system has a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed

 A PRV is a device that reduces and stabilizes the water pressure entering a property typically to between 50 and 80 psi., helping to protect plumbing when the pressure in the Town's water lines are higher. The NC Plumbing Code requires a PRV to be installed on private plumbing systems where the pressure in the municipal water lines serving that property exceeds 80 psi. Do I have a PRV?

Test your water pressure

Knowing your property's water pressure relative to the pressure in the municipal water line can help you determine your plumbing system's needs. For example, property's with high water pressure may indicate that a PRV is not installed, is set high or has failed. Call the Town at (919) 469-4090 or submit a service request to schedule a free water pressure test. 

Assess your automatic irrigation system

Automatic irrigation systems can be equipped with a PRV and, just like your property's PRV, check if it's installed, is working or is needed. Having backflow prevention does not mean your irrigation system is protected against high pressure. Consult with your irrigation contractor as needed.

Plan ahead if out of town

The following tips may help protect your plumbing anytime of the year:

  • Turn off all outdoor faucets and disconnect hoses
  • Turn off your home's water supply at the master shut-off valve.
  • Set your water heater to the lowest setting or completely shut it off and drain
  • Remember 311 or (919) 469-4090 if you need water turned off at the meter while out of town. 

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