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Almost every neighborhood in Cary has a stream that flows through public lands, Homeowner’s Association properties, residential backyards or between properties. Over time, streambanks naturally erode.

Ways to Reduce Erosion and Stabilize Streambanks

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Backyard or small-scale stream repair can be done to reduce erosion or stabilize banks. These projects have the potential to be costly so property owners may want to consider cost-share opportunities offered through the Soil and Water Conservation Program.

Technical Expertise

Addressing erosion often requires the technical expertise of an engineer or a consultant with experience in streambank stabilization design, as well as the preparation and submittal of permits. Projects involving modification of stream channels or placement of rock or other fill within the stream channel for the purposes of streambank stabilization require permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the N.C. Division of Water Resources (NCDWR). 

Permit Process Guidance 

After you have engaged an engineer or consultant, decided to undertake a streambank stabilization project on your property, and perhaps secured financial assistance, you will need to contact the Town of Cary to determine what approvals may be needed.