Rain Garden

Rain gardens, rain barrels and redirected downspouts. All are examples of common green stormwater techniques used on residential properties that help restore the natural movement of water. These measures slow, capture, or absorb rainfall to:

  • Reduce the volume of runoff leaving your property and entering the drainage system and local waterways
  • Reduce pollutants entering waterways and
  • Recharge groundwater.

Innovative, practical and effective, citizens can use these measures to address stormwater runoff issues such as drainage, erosion, and flooding on their own property. But these practices can also have a positive, meaningful impact on stormwater runoff and water quality beyond property lines and within the local watershed. 

Check out these common types of green stormwater infrastructure and consider which may be a good fit for your property. Every effort helps reduce stormwater runoff and maintain the quality of our waterways. 

Redirecting Downspouts
Rain Barrels
Rain Gardens
Permeable Pavers
Impervious Surface Removal
Grass Swales
Riparian Buffer Plantings