Frequently Asked Questions - Door To Door

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1. What is the GoCary Door to Door Registration Process?

All seniors (age 60 or older) and persons with disabilities must register the Cary Senior Center to register for Door to Door service. Town staff will verify residence, age and/or disability and create a photo ID for all eligible applicants. A free ride to and from the Senior Center may be provided by calling the reservation center at (919) 481-2020 dial extension 3. Medical verification must be provided for those applicants with disabilities.

Applicants must fill out Door to Door registration forms with accurate information, including contact information. Two contact numbers are required, one for the applicant and one for the emergency contact, as well as disability information for applicants with disabilities.

Eligible and approved applicants can receive transit services prior to receiving the photo ID. Photo IDs will be mailed within approximately two weeks from the date the photo was taken. Applicants who have been approved by staff for eligibility may reserve trips prior to receipt of their photo ID.

2. What kind of trips are provided through the GoCary Door to Door Service?

Door to Door service is designed for medical related trips for seniors and employment related trips for persons with disabilities.

The service area for the clients is any given destination in Cary for non-emergency medical appointments. Persons with disabilities may travel to employment destinations in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex and Morrisville.

3. What are GoCary policies regarding pick-up times in-town and out-of-town?

For Trip Pick-ups In-Town: GoCary vehicles will arrive within 15 minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time. For example, if the pick-up time is 2:30 p.m., the vehicle may arrive anywhere between 2:15 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. It is very important that riders are ready when the bus or van arrives, since the driver cannot wait more than 5 minutes. If the vehicle arrives before the pick-up window, 2:15 p.m. in this example, then the driver will wait until 2:20 pm for riders to board the vehicle. Please have your belongings ready and the number of tickets or correct cash (no coins) needed to make all scheduled trips.

For Trip Pick-ups Out-of-Town: Because out-of-town trips require GoCary vehicles to travel much longer distances, GoCary will make every attempt to ensure that passengers are picked up within 30 minutes of their scheduled pick-up times on their return trip to Cary. The thirty minute window described above for the in-town trips is not realistic for these longer out-of-town trips. For passengers traveling from Durham or Chapel Hill, those pick-up times may be up to 45 minutes past the scheduled pick-up times. GoCary will make every effort to ensure that passengers on these return trips do not have to travel more than 60 minutes. These particular trips take longer due to the fact that other passengers are also involved in the trip and require up to 3 additional drop-offs in some instances.

Please keep in mind that GoCary Door to Door service is a
shared-ride service and not an exclusive taxi-type operation.

GoCary strives to provide exemplary service, but due to traffic, poor weather or other causes, GoCary maybe late for pick ups. If the vehicle does not show up within the pick-up window, please call the reservation center at (919) 481-2020 immediately to inform dispatch that the vehicle has not arrived. If GoCary knows that the bus or van will not be able to make the pick up within the pick-up window, they will call riders as soon as possible to inform them of the delay.

Please be aware that the driver cannot accommodate alterations to the scheduled trip. All changes must be called in to the reservation center prior to the trip.

4. How do I get information about tickets and outlets?

Click here for more information about purchasing tickets.

5. Can GoCary take me to the airport?

GoCary may not take passengers to the airport. Under Town of Cary policies, GoCary may not take Door to Door passengers to the airport. Though they may refer to the Trip Planner at or call (919) 485-RIDE for more information about traveling to RDU Airport.

6. What is GoCary's policy regarding riding with a caregiver?

Personal Care Attendants (PCA) may ride for free with registered passengers who require assistance when travelling. However, this information must be documented on the Door to Door registration form and approved by the medical provider. All documentation must be submitted to GoCary staff and reviewed prior to the actual trip.