Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signals

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The Town installs flashing yellow arrow signal lights at intersections to address safety concerns for vehicles making a left turn. The traffic signals have four vertical lights and replace the existing five-section signal heads. The traffic signal includes:

  • Solid Red Arrow: Stop. No left turns allowed
  • Solid Yellow Arrow: Prepare to stop
  • Flashing Yellow Arrow: Left turns are allowed, but first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
  • Solid Green Arrow: Left turns permitted. Proceed with caution.

The benefit of flashing yellow arrows is that they clearly communicate to drivers in the left-turn lane that they do not have the right-of-way and must look for approaching traffic before turning. They can also improve traffic flow.

Flashing yellow arrow traffic signals have been tested statewide and have been used with great success in Fayetteville, Charlotte and Wilmington. Cary is the first municipality in Wake County to implement these signals at multiple locations.


David Spencer
Traffic Engineer
(919) 462-3833