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Our applications, forms and guides help us make your overall building permit application experience quicker, easier and more accurate by collecting more relevant information early on as we work to promote and protect the long-term health, safety and happiness of our citizens. Staff is available to assist you with filling out forms or answering questions. Refer to the section below for the most current versions of all Town forms, guides and applications.

Permit Applications

Commercial Permit Application is used for all commercial projects, except irrigation. Includes:

  • Fire Equipment Contractors Supplement
  • Express Plan Review Supplement
  • Accessory Structure Supplement

Note: Building Code Summary (Appendix B) is required in addition to this application.

Residential Permit Application is used for all residential projects, except irrigation. Includes:

  • Plan Information Supplement
  • Accessory Structure Supplement

Irrigation Permit Application is used for all residential and commercial irrigation projects, including hose bibbs for hand watering.

Water and Sewer Service Application is used for all residential and commercial projects which require water and/or sewer services (in addition to any building permits already submitted).

Residential Driveway/Curb Cut Application is used for all residential projects when modifying an existing driveway or requesting an additional driveway.

Supplemental Forms

Building Code Summary (Appendix B) is used for all commercial projects (except one- and two-family dwellings or irrigation). This form is to be submitted along with the Commercial Permit Application.

Building Code Summary (Appendix B) Abbreviated is used for commercial projects with an occupancy classification of Business or Mercantile without food service and located in an existing building. This form is to be submitted along with the Commercial Permit Application.

Change of Contractor is used for all permits whenever you wish to change a contractor listed on the original permit and there is no change to the scope of work. If there are any changes to the scope of work, please use the Project Modification form instead.

Conditional Power Request is used to request electrical utility service prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Project Modification is used for all commercial or residential projects whenever you wish to change the scope of work as described on the original application.

Reclaimed Water Use Statement of Compliance is used for all new systems utilizing Reclaimed Water. Any relevant information must be provided, and each section must be initialed as appropriate, with a final signature at the end, to indicate proper compliance with program requirements.

Irrigation Minor Encroachment Agreement is used for permission to encroach on certain public street right(s) of way and/or easements of the Town for the installation of irrigation fixtures, fencing, landscape plants and materials. 

Landscape Water Budget Calculation is used this form to determine approximate water needs for the property identified above, measure the irrigated area in square feet and multiply by the conversion factor for the applicable month.

Licensing & Insurance

Owner Exemption Affidavit  is used when you intend to self-perform building construction work on a property that you own and that is your primary residence. This form requires notarization.

Inspections & Forms

Special Request and After Hours Inspection Application is used for all commercial or residential projects whenever you wish to request a special inspection or an inspection outside of normal inspection hours.

Impervious Surface Certification is used for all residential new construction projects. The completed form will be picked-up at the job site by your inspector.

Residential Change Out Questionnaire is used for all residential HVAC and water heater change outs. To be completed by the contractor and left on-site and available to the inspector.

Non-Residential Change Out Questionnaire  is used for all commercial HVAC change outs. To be completed by the contractor and submitted with the Commercial Application for Permit.

Fire Hydrant Flow Request is used for all fire hydrant flow requests that are submitted to the Town of Cary. Please enter the appropriate site location (including suite numbers if applicable) and applicable hydrant number.

Please use only one hydrant number per fire flow request, as the designation of test/flow hydrant will be made according to water system layout. The hydrant number is stamped on the actual hydrant itself. The Town of Cary is assigned an independent identification number.

Underground Fire Lines is used by utility contractors for underground fire lines prior to acceptance.


Residential Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Permitting and Inspections Guide is designed to assist customers who wish to install swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs on residential sites.

Fee Estimation Guide is intended to help you estimate building permit and development fees for your project.

Residential Deck Guide provides a comprehensive list of construction requirements and construction details when building/restoring a residential deck.

Express Review Guide for Commercial Construction Projects. Express review is a service that allows for faster examination of most commercial construction plans, including fit-ups and new buildings and is held each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with appointments beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Permitting and Inspections Guide is designed to assist those who wish to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or EV charging stations on residential sites.

Sample Plot Plan. A sample plot plan is necessary for most residential building construction projects.

Irrigation Submittal Guide is designed to assist those who wish to install an irrigation system at their residence.

Potable Irrigation Plan Submittal Checklist

Please complete this form and return it to the Inspections and Permits Department along with 4 sets of irrigation plans:

  1. Irrigation Permit Application
  2. Water and Sewer Service Application
  3. Landscape Water Budget Calculation Sheet
  4. Minor Encroachment Form for Irrigation, Fence and Landscaping


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