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Permit fees largely comprise four components: building permit fees, utility connection fees, water and sewer development fees and transportation development fees.

Fees are listed in the Annual Operating Budget 2020. Specific pages are listed below. There may be small additional fees that are not included in the document.  

  1. Building Permit Fees (document pages 326-329)
  2. Development Fees (document pages 335-338)
  3. Utility Connection Fees, including irrigation meters (document pages 334 & 341-345)
  4. Cary and Morrisville Water and Sewer Development Fees (document pages 341-345)
  5. Transportation Development Fees (document pages 334 & 338-339)
  6. Recreation Fund/Payment-In-Lieu Fees (document pages 339-340)


Sue Wall
Permit Supervisor
Planning and Development Services
(919) 460-4992