Electronic Submittals

Visit our online plan review portal to submit applications and plans for the activities listed below; other projects may require a hard copy application submittal.


  • Commercial – all
  • Irrigation - all
  • Residential – new construction
  • Residential – additions and alterations (standard review)**

**other than small project (SPOT) permits or projects available through Building Permits Online


  • Site/subdivision plan (full or sketch)
  • Minor alterations
  • Preliminary development plan


  • Pre-application conferences with Development Review Committee (DRC)
  • Real estate plats
  • Signs (permanent and time-limited)
  • Temporary Use Permits

 Submittal Schedule

Some application types have fixed submittal dates.

  • Development plans – 2018 schedule
  • Real estate plats – every Monday, 5 p.m.

All other types may be submitted at any time.

Application and Filing Fees

Some applications require payment of fees prior to acceptance for review. For applications accepted on scheduled dates, such as plats and development plans, all applicable fees must be paid by the close of business on the submittal deadline.

Payments can be made in person at the Planning and Development Services counter, located on the first floor of Town Hall, or by calling us at (919) 469-4046 to pay be credit card.