"As-Built" Foundation Surveys

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All residential structures and accessory buildings require a sealed as-built foundation survey by a land surveyor registered in the state of North Carolina. They are to be available to the Town of Cary Inspector at the time of the foundation inspection for buildings with permanent foundation, and prior to the scheduling of any rough in inspection of buildings without permanent foundation. This survey shall illustrate the location of all structures under construction as well as existing structures, all property lines, building setback lines, buffers and easements. 

The requirement for a survey shall not apply to the following:
  1. Any building or structure that is five feet or more from any required setback line, buffer or easement.
  2. Any structures which do not require a building permit. Structures that do not require permits must still meet all other Town requirements including zoning/setback requirements. Please contact the Planning and Development Services Department for more information.
  3. Where there is an existing structure and an accurate survey already available such that the Inspections and Permits Division can determine the field location of existing and proposed structures without requiring a new survey,

Reference: Land Development Ordinance Section 3.14.2, and refer specifically to Section (D).