K9 Program

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K9 Max jumpA human-canine officer team is a tried and true law enforcement tool. With their keen eyesight, speed and sense of smell, police dogs can perform some tasks faster and at lower cost than human officers with less risk to officers and the public.

The Town of Cary formed its K9 unit in 2005 and currently utilizes three K9 teams. Cary police use their K9 team to track lost persons or fleeing suspects, search for discarded or hidden evidence or contraband, detect illegal drugs, search buildings and help protect officers. Cary’s K9 team is available for public appearances and demonstrations as well.

The K9 teams are assigned to the Field Operations Bureau:

Everett and Chase 2014Officer Seth Everett & K9 Chase

In November 2013, K9 Chase graduated from a 14-week K9 training program in Cary. K9 Chase is a brindle German Shepherd from Holland. Officer Everett also functions as the K9 unit trainer having attended K9 Instructor School in Florida in the spring of 2011. Chase was selected as the sixth canine to serve our town following the untimely passing of K9 Enzo in May, 2013. seth.everett@townofcary.org




K9 Brackeen

Officer Scott McInerny & K9 Brackeen

In January 2018, K9 Brackeen graduated from a 14-week training program in Cary. 

K9 Brackeen is a fawn colored Belgium Malanois from Poland. Officer Scott McInerny and Brackeen were teamed together in January of this year. Officer McInerny has served with the K9 unit since 2010.  scott.mcinerny@townofcary.org




There are three canines that have worked and retired in Cary:

K9 Max vest

K9 Max

Cary's first K9 team, Sgt. Jeremy Burgin and K9 Max, completed a 14-week training course in Angier in early June 2005.  Max worked for the next six-and-a-half years serving the citizens of Cary and surrounding communities. Max was responsible for nearly 1,200 K9 reports, which included over 400 drug sniffs, 230 tracks for missing/wanted persons (in 15% of those tracks Max located a person), and 127 community demonstrations, representing approximately 3,000 citizens. Max retired on Aug. 31, 2011 and went on to live the life of a spoiled member of the Burgin family household until his passing on Jan. 10, 2014.


K9 Axel

K9 Axel

Cary's second K9 team, Officer Seth Everett and K9 Axel, began their law enforcement career in Carrboro before joining the Cary Police Department in 2008.  Axel, a German Shepherd born in West Germany, was given to Officer Everett as a 7-week-old puppy.  K9 Axel worked in Cary for two years before retiring at the end of 2009.  Alex was responsible for finding over 100 missing or wanted persons during his career in addition to the thousands of citizens he met during his various duties in town. We are sad to announce that on Oct. 22, 2012, K9 Axel passed away following a well-deserved retirement with the Everett family.


K9 Robby

Cary's third K9 team, Officer Phil Humphries and K9 Robby, graduated from a 7-week K9 training class and worked for several years as an dedicated member of the Cary Police Department. 

Robby suffered a serious medical condition in October, which required emergency surgery to save his life. He is doing much better and recuperated at his forever home with the Humphries family. He retired December of 2016. 


Keeping Chase, Tayber, and Lemm Safe

To keep Chase, Tayber and Lemm safe while they’re riding, the Town's police cars have a kennel insert in the back seat. This helps protect them in case of a crash. If the temperature inside the car rises above 90 degrees, a fan turns on automatically and the window rolls down. A key chain alarm alerts the officers. The kennel insert has a spill-proof water bowl and room for Chase, Tayber and Lemm to move around.

People can help Chase, Tayber and Lemm concentrate on their job by not approaching them or trying to pet them while they are working.

Meeting Our K9s

Want to schedule a time when one of the Town’s K9 teams can meet with your school or civic group? They are available to meet and provide a demonstration of their abilities.

Donating to Cary’s K9 Program
If you’d like to send a tax-deductible donation, please make the check out to the Town of Cary and put on the memo line that it is for the K9 program. Send the check to:
Town of Cary
Attn: Finance Department
P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC 27512-8005

Want to Know More?
The United States Police Canine Association has information on K9 programs across the country.

To learn more about Cary’s K9 program, feel free to contact one of our K9 Officers at their email address shown above, or the team supervisor, seth.everett@townofcary.org.  You may also leave a message for Officer Seth Everett at (919) 576-7810.