Emergency Response Team

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Cary's  Emergency Response Team (ERT)


Since its inception in 1993, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been equipped and trained to deal with situations including ground searches, woodland operations, high-risk search warrant and arrest warrant services, dignitary and VIP protection, barricaded suspects and hostage rescue situations. They continue to conduct relevant and practical training in order to remain proficient and prepared for the next critical incident.

The Emergency Response Team was activated for a total of 19 missions in 2015, including two emergency activations. Missions were primarily residential search warrants and included single-
family and multi-family residences. The team also participated in operations at hotels/motels and other commercial establishments. The missions were in support of Cary PD’s Criminal Investigations Division, the Criminal Intelligence Unit and the Drugs & Vice Team. ERT also supported missions with Raleigh Police Department, Wake County Sheriff’s Office and United State Secret Service.

The Emergency Response Team continued providing displays, demonstrations and community involvement for groups including Project Phoenix, Citizen’s Police Academy, School of Government,
Camp Confidence and Special Olympics of NC. The team members take great pride in participating in these events and are always welcomed and well-received by their audiences. These opportunities to interact and communicate with citizens and the public in a more approachable environment are an invaluable tool that allows the department to build relationships with the communities we serve.

The Emergency Response Team conducts approximately 240 hours of training per year, based on 20 hours per month, and ERT snipers receive up to 96 hours of additional sniper-specific training each year. Training objectives include firearms proficiencies, physical fitness, defensive tactics, building searches, room and structure clearing with static, dynamic and hostage rescue scenarios, vehicle assaults and open air arrests, just to name a few. The team members consistently strive not to train until they get it right; rather, to train until they can’t get it wrong.

The motto of the Emergency Response Team is Strength and Honor. It is a constant reminder to each member of not only the responsibility of their position but also the faith placed upon them to carry out their duties with fairness, compassion and professionalism. That motto defines the fundamental ethos with which they serve.


Sergeant Stephen Matthews