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Firearms within the Town of Cary

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We support each person’s right to lawfully own and carry firearms, and we take very seriously our charge to keep our citizens safe.

Here are some firearms facts for our community:

  • In North Carolina, “open carry of a firearm” is defined as the act of carrying a firearm in plain view on public property. “Concealed carry of a firearm” is defined as concealed weapons -- especially handguns --which are kept hidden on your person or under your control; doing so requires a special permit from the Sheriff’s Department of the county you live in, which for Cary residents is either Wake County or Chatham County depending on your address. For more on a concealed carry permit, see North Carolina General Statues (NCGS) 14-415.11.
  • North Carolina law does not allow the open carry of a firearm at certain events such as public parades, funeral processions, picket lines or demonstrations. For more, see NCGS. 14-277.2.
  • The Town of Cary does not allow a concealed handgun in Town-owned buildings, on the appurtenant premises of those buildings, or in Town recreation facilities as defined by G.S. 14-415.23, which are all Town athletic fields and athletic facilities. A list of recreational facilities shall be set out in a Schedule of Recreational Facilities at which Concealed Handguns are Prohibited, which shall be updated as necessary and retained permanently in the office of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this section shall prohibit a concealed handgun permittee from securing the handgun within an enclosed compartment of a locked motor vehicle. We encourage you to keep firearms and other valuables secured and out of sight. See Section 22-51(1) of the Town Code.
  • If a private business or property is not posted prohibiting firearms, then citizens have the right to lawfully carry firearms on the premises. A business or property owner may restrict citizens from carrying weapons on that property by posting the premises with a statement that carrying a weapon, concealed or in the open, is prohibited. See NCGS 14-415.11 (c).
  • Town of Cary Police Officers will carry their badge and identification card at all times when armed with a firearm. If the firearm is being carried in the open, the officer must have his/her badge conspicuously displayed. These rules apply when the officer is on duty whether in plain clothes or in uniform, unless the officer is working “undercover.”
  • Discharging firearms or other guns is not permitted within Cary. This includes air guns, paintball guns, BB guns or pistols, or any spring gun, pistol, or other similar device that impels with force any projectile, shot or pellet of any kind. See Section 22-52 of the Town Code for more.


North Carolina Firearms Laws

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