A Piece of the Community

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Happenings Around Town with the Cary Police Department

First Saturday of every month: Rap Session at "Headliners Barbershop," 1028 Ryan Road, Cary, NC

Members of the police department and the black community began having regular conversation on the first Saturday morning of every month. We discussed law enforcement incidents from around the country as well as incidents that occurred locally. We talked about perceptions on both sides of the issue and all of us learned and grew from these discussions. Most importantly, we discussed issues that weren’t at all related to law enforcement. It was through these discussions that the men and women in the shop came to see that the men and women behind the badge were just regular people. We shared some of the same struggles, we wrestled with some of the same issues and we had some of the same uncertainties. The police officers and members of the community grew through the realization that we are more alike than we are different. And the circle grew.

Heart and Art

Heart & Art is a quarterly community engagement platform that uses the arts to help community members across diverse races, cultures, generations, and backgrounds see one another through their “Heart Vision." These sessions involve a thought-provoking artistic piece followed by a facilitated dialogue to reveal, share, and explore diverse perspectives on the piece that was shared.