Carpenter Supply Store

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Location: 1933 Morrisville Carpenter Road
Built: 1895
Designated in 2010

The Carpenter Supply Store is an evolved crossroads commercial building that began as a one-story, frame, gable-front store in 1895.

In 1916, a two-story brick building was built beside the frame store. It is thought to be the only rural brick store building in continuous use in Wake County. The two stores were attached around 1917 with a frame structure that housed the Carpenter community’s post office until 1933. During the 1980s, the three building sections were unified with the addition of a shed-roofed porch, and the structure was also enlarged with two rear additions. The interiors of the original store buildings are remarkably intact. 

For more information, read the Landmark Designation Report

Carpenter Supply Store

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