Loose Leaf Collection

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Between November 5, 2018 and February 3, 2019,  the Town will collect loose leaves three times from each street at no charge according to the map and schedule mailed in October. You may also search your address for a schedule on the loose leaf collection map. If you see us early, know that we are preparing for your street and we'll be back as scheduled!

Remember to set leaves our correctly for pickup:

  • Place at curb and out of roadway
  • Avoid covering sidewalks, storm drains, water meters, fire hydrants and sewer clean-outs
  • Keep piles at a distance from mail boxes and parked cars
  • Keep trash, large stones and other debris out of leaf piles         

Off-Schedule Loose Leaf Collection ($100 fee) 

Off-schedule collections can be made by appointment and are charged a $100 fee per household; submit a request or call (919) 469-4090.

Year-Round Alternatives 

Leaves in reusable containers or brown paper bags may be placed curbside for weekly yard waste collection. Yard waste can also be taken, at no charge, to the Citizen's Convenience Center at 313 N. Dixon Ave. Or, consider adding your leaves to a home compost pile.


(919) 469-4090
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