Recycling Carts

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Using Your Recycling Roll-Out Cart  Free throw header

Placement of your Cart
Please place your cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.  Set the cart so that the arrows on the lid point toward the street. The cart should be placed away from light poles, mailboxes or fire hydrants, with ample room between it and your garbage cart and yard waste.

Emptied carts should be removed from the curb 
Loose recycling cart
no later than 6 a.m. the next day.  
Carts must be stored behind the building line of the side of the structure facing the principal street. If a cart is stored in front of the building line, it must be stored in an enclosed structure so that it cannot be seen from the street.

In the Cart

All items should be placed loose inside the cart. Excess recycling that will not fit inside your cart can be taken to the Citizen's Convenience Center, 313 N. Dixon Ave., at no charge.

If, over time, it's clear that your household needs more space for recycling:

  1. Request a second cart at no fee; or
  2. Customers with a 65-gallon cart may switch to a larger 95-gallon cart at no fee.

Multiple recycling cart exchanges will be subject to a fee per exchange. To order additional carts, please submit a request or call (919) 469-4090.

Citizens may also request a special collection for excess recycling that does not fit inside the cart. Each special collection is subject to a fee.

What's accepted for curbside recycling?

Customers with Physical Limitations

We offer curbside collection assistance to individuals who, because of permanent or temporary physical disability, are unable to bring their garbage and recycling carts to the curb. This service is provided only to qualified residents. If your doctor feels that you are physically unable to bring your rollout cart to the curb, please print and complete a Curbside Assistance Request Form, including signature and verification from your physician. You or your doctor’s office may return the completed form by mail or fax, listed at the top of the application. The Town will review each individual application for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions about recycling.


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