Staff Contacts

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Town of Cary Fire Department Administrative Staff Directory
Phone 469-4056
Fax 460-4911
Use area code (919) for all phone numbers.

 Mike Cooper Fire Chief 469-4378
 Michael Martin Deputy Fire Chief 653-7150
 David Ranes Assistant Fire Chief Logistics 319-4578
 Kevin Annis Assistant Fire Chief Training & Safety  460-4962
 Matt Jacoby Assistant Fire Chief Administration  462-3825
 John Boswell Captain - Training 469-4375
 Blake Boyd Captain - Community Risk Coordinator 380-4229
 Tracy Strickland Battalion Chief (BC1)
A Shift
 Joey Smith

Battalion Chief (BC1)
B Shift

 Andy Hiscock

Battalion Chief (BC1) 
C Shift

 Marianne Narine Business Specialist 460-4960
 Bonnie McDonald Business Specialist 460-4961
 Jeffery Johnson Fire Marshal  469-4351
 Michael Boone Fire Code Official III Plans Examiner  621-3249
 Michael Tatum Fire Code Official III  306-7481
 Jim Davis Fire Code Official III 609-8128
 Bob Patterson Fire Code Official II  621-6487
 Daniel Lee  Fire Inspector 808-5450