Frequently Asked Questions

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Firefighter Work Schedule
We work a 53-hour work week consisting of three rotating 24.5-hour work days.

Fire Department Call Volume
We average 28 calls per day/850 per month/10,200 per year.

Fire Department Staff-Resources
We have nine stations, nine engine companies, four ladder companies and three rescue companies.

Administration employs one fire chief, one deputy fire chief, three assistant fire chiefs, one training captain, one community risk captain and two administrative support staff.

Suppression is composed of 224 full-time personnel. Each shift has two battalion chiefs, 16 captains, 18 engineers, 16 master firefighters and 23 firefighters.

Fire Hazard Reporting-Fire Inspection Requests
Contact the Fire Inspections Group at (919) 469-4351.

Fire Department Tours
We are now accepting fire station tour requests online.

Fire Insurance Class Rating
Cary is a Class 1 Fire Department.