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The Cary Fire Department Training Division consists of an assistant fire chief, a training captain, and three shift training officers. The training division is responsible for developing programs to assist suppression personnel to achieve the fire department-mandated 240 hours of training each year. These include state-mandated training in firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials, incident command and emergency medical technician.

The training division also manages the recruit academy including scheduling, supervision of trainers and recruits. The assistant fire chief is responsible for coordinating all promotion scheduling and testing for suppression personnel. In FY2015 the Cary Fire Department suppression division completed 63,598 total hours of training for an average of 309 hours per person.

This group also coordinates an in-house leadership development program tailored for the company and chief officers. The department maintains a Delivery Agency status through the North Carolina Department of Insurance, which is only one of five departments in the state with such distinction. This allows the department to train and certify our employees in-house during the recruit academy and various specialized courses.

The division also handles all health and safety issues and monitor regulations mandated by OSHA and standards recommended by NFPA. These officers also respond to all hazardous material incidents, structure fires, and mass casualty incidents to perform the role of Safety Officer.