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Tall Grass/Weeds Regulation
Grass, weeds and undergrowth on any property in the Town should not exceed a height of eight inches. For more information on Tall Grass Regulations, refer to Policy Statement 75. Public Works & Utilities, 311 or  (919) 469-4090.

Taxes and Assessments
Wake County handles all assessment, valuation, billing and collection of property taxes for the Town of Cary. The Town is a satellite office for Wake County property tax collection which means that the Town of Cary is able to collect the exact amount that is printed on the bill. However, if problems exist or questions arise, they must be handled through the Wake County tax office. Wake County's automated phone system may be reached at (919) 856-5400, or visit the Wake County website.

Teen Activities
See Teens

Lighted tennis courts are available at Dunham Park, Annie Jones Park, Godbold Park, Middle Creek Park (open fall of 2001), and the Cary Tennis Park. (See also Park Locations.) Tennis lessons and competitions are offered throughout the year for youth and adults. See the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Program Brochure for more information. Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources, (919) 469-4061

All tents used for the purpose of assembly having a canopy larger than 700 square feet and/or are equipped with one or more side panels(s) are required to be permitted by the Cary Inspections and Permits Department. Call (919) 469-4351 for more information.

Town Council
See Town Council

Town Council Meetings
The Cary Town Council meets on the second and fourth Thursday nights of each month at 6:30 PM. All citizens are invited to attend. The meeting agenda is published on the Town's website by the previous Friday at 5:00 PM. In addition to the agenda items, anyone may speak on any item not on the agenda during the "Public Speaks Out" portion of the meeting. The meetings are televised live and rebroadcast on cable channel 11. Town Clerk, (919) 469-4011

Traffic Calming
See Traffic Calming.

Traffic Signals
See Traffic Signals

Transportation Services
 is the Town of Cary’s transportation service. GoTriangle is a regional public transportation provider.

Trash Pick-Up
See Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

Utility Bill Payment Options
See Utility Bill Payment Options

Utility Easement Clearing and Mowing
To protect our public health and environment, Town of Cary periodically clears easements of trees and re-growth to prevent tree root penetration into sewer lines which cause sewer blockages and sewer overflows. Before any vegetative clearing starts, a letter is sent to all property owners that border the easement explaining the purpose for clearing easements and the approximate time the work will be performed. This allows property owners the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and remove personal effects from the easement.

Wherever personal items (such as fences and portable buildings) are left in the easement, employees have been instructed to carefully remove any such items and set them aside. Town of Cary employees will not replace those items back onto the Town's easement and are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the personal items. A Town employee is on site at all times during the easement clearing to monitor progress and to address any citizen concerns. Public Works & Utilities, 311 or (919) 469-4090

Utility Line Locating
The Town of Cary is responsible for locating and marking Town-owned utilities. The locators are the Town's representatives to North Carolina One Call service, a statewide organization of utility owners. The town's utility locators respond to request tickets that are generated by the NC One Call service. Persons needing utility locates should call (800) 632-4949. Public Works & Utilities, 311 or (919) 469-4090

Utility Service
Contact Customer Service in the Finance Department to set up or terminate water and sewer service and garbage collection.