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Cary Tennis Park
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Cary TV
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Cemetery, Hillcrest
The Town of Cary owns a small cemetery located at the end of Page Street. Learn more about Hillcrest Cemetery. Town Clerk, (919) 469-4011

Christmas Tree Collection
Please see the Yard Waste page.

Citizen Convenience Center
Please see the Public Works and Utilities page.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey
The Town undertakes biennial citizen surveys as part of its comprehensive assessment of citizen opinion.


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Community Centers
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Community Watch
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Compost Education Center
To learn more about composting vegetative debris, visit the Compost Education Center in Bond Park. A self-guided trail demonstrates how to compost, the environmental and economic benefits of composting, and how to use the resulting product to enrich and improve soil. Public Works & Utilities, 311 or (919) 469-4090

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Crime Stoppers
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Direct Draft for Utility Bills
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Disabilities, People with
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When replacing an existing driveway or adding another residential driveway, a permit is required for the work being done in the public right-of-way and may be obtained from the Inspections & Permits Department. Inspections and Permits, 311 or (919) 469-4046.

An easement is a legal interest in property for a specific purpose, such as giving a company access to run a telephone line underground. Utility easements that are dedicated to the Town of Cary cover water and/or sanitary sewer lines and are typically 20 feet wide. After the easement is granted, the property owner continues to maintain the easement just like the rest of the yard. Ground covers or grasses may be planted within an easement.

No trees or shrubbery of any size shall be placed within any Town utility easement because of the need for access by utility maintainers and line damage that tree and shrub roots can cause. Fences and landscaping improvements installed within the easement are subject to disturbance or damage during the Town's use of the easement and may be removed if the Town needs access for maintenance or utility line repair. Please send questions concerning easement locations.

Town Council elections occur in odd-numbered years.

Email/Electronic Mailing List Service
The Town of Cary maintains electronic mailing lists on a variety of topics including news, planning and zoning activities, telecommunications issues, and transportation issues. Anyone wishing to subscribe to one or more lists may sign up online. Public Information, (919) 460-4951.

Emergency Information
If you suffer or witness a threat to life or property, dial 911. However, during hurricanes, snow storms, and in other sorts of emergencies that affect large portions of Cary, the Town will be getting the word out to you as soon as possible and in many different ways. Your best bet is to watch or listen to local news for information that we're sending to the media. If you want to have our news when the reporters have our news, sign up now for our electronic mailing list service available on our website. Also, please remember that we always post information as it happens on our website-very often setting up special sections for the event. We use the 24-Hour Town Hall telephone service to provide recorded message updates, and we utilize Town Hall TV (cable channel 11) to update you as well. Whatever you do, please do not call 911 unless you have a life-threatening problem. Administration, (919) 469-4000

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