Spring Youth Baseball and Softball (Age 5-18)

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent facility closures, Town of Cary Spring league activities, including practices and games, have been canceled.


January 27-February 9: (myCary, walk-in or mail-in)
Do not mail prior to January 24

  • All Cary residents
  • Nonresidents returning to the same age division from Spring 2019  (mail-in only)

February 10-16: (myCary or walk-in)

  • All Cary residents
  • All nonresidents

Fees: Cary Resident: $60 | Nonresident: $85

Leagues for ages 5-10 register by zone. 

Registration Packet

myCary - What you need to know

EZ Reg accounts and pins are no longer valid to register for sports leagues/programs.

If you have not already visited myCary to set up your new account, please do so as soon as possible.

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Setting up and using your myCary account


Spring Youth Baseball Softball Regionalization FAQs | Zone Map for ages 5-10


Schedules will be available in late March.  

Practice Schedules  |  Game Schedules


Age is determined as of April 30, 2020.

  • *T-Ball (co-ed): Age 5-6
  • Mite (coach pitch) (co-ed): Age 7-8 
  • Mustang (machine pitch): Age 9-10
  • *Bronco American (player pitch): Age 11-12 (average skills)
  • *Bronco National (player pitch): Age 11-12 (advanced skills)
  • Pony (player pitch): Age 13-14 
  • Colt (player pitch): Age 15-17

 *A birth certificate must be submitted with registration for all 5-year-olds.


Age is determined as of January 1, 2020.

  • 10 & Under (machine pitch): Age 8-10
  • 12 & Under (player pitch): Age 11-12
  • 14 & Under (player pitch): Age 13-14
  • 18 & Under (player pitch): Age 15-18

*Bronco-American Baseball versus Bronco-National Baseball 

Bronco American: Participants have average or below-average skills in hitting, throwing, catching and fielding. Participants may be beginners or have not played many seasons of baseball. Participants are still growing in their understanding of the game. Most participants should register for this league.

Bronco National: Participants should have above-average skills in hitting, throwing, catching, and fielding. Participants have likely played several seasons of baseball and have a good understanding of the game. Most participants should register for the Bronco American league and not the Bronco National league. 

Inclement Weather Procedure
In case of inclement weather, a decision regarding games will be made by Sports staff. Information will be on the Town website. A recording will also be on the Weather Cancellation Line (919) 319-4500. Updates are made at 3 p.m. each weekday, 7 a.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. on Sunday. If a decision is made after these times, it will be made at the facility by the officials.

Volunteer Coaches
The Town of Cary relies on volunteer coaches for the organized youth sports leagues. Coaches must be available for weekly practice and games. Each coach is required to be certified by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association and to submit and pass a background check. It is important that coaches teach sportsmanship as well as specific sport skills.

Anyone interested in coaching a youth sport should contact the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources sports staff at (919) 469-4062 during regular working hours to discuss their coaching interest.

Thanks to our sponsors
Local businesses and individuals who sponsor youth sports teams play an integral part in the success of the Town of Cary's sports programs. Without their continued support we would be unable to provide quality programs for the youth of Cary. Please visit the Spring Baseball and Softball Sponsor Appreciation page for a complete listing of sponsors.

Contact Tracey.Hedgpeth@townofcary.org if you are interested in sponsoring a team. 

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