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2019 Winter Youth Basketball Sportsmanship Awards

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The encouragement of good sportsmanship is one of the primary purposes of our youth sports program. We recognize one player from each team, as voted by their teammates, to receive a sportsmanship award at the end of each season. Below are the sportsmanship award winners for the 2019 Winter Youth Basketball season:

Boys 11-12 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

Boys 11-12

Boys 13-14 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

Boys 13-14

Boys 15-16 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

Boys 15-16

Boys 17-18 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

Boys 17-18

Girls 11-12 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

 Girls 11-12 

Girls 13-14 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)             

Girls 13-14                                                                                                              

Girls 15-18 Sportsmanship Awards (Winter 2019)

Girls 15-18