Zig Zag

Located on or near the ground, the low course comprises elements and initiatives that foster team building. Team building is a process that develops shared goals, interdependence, trust, commitment, accountability, and improved problem solving skills.

A Typical Day

The day starts with ice breakers and warmups, giving participants an opportunity to get to know staff and set the stage for the day. Next, the program progresses trust building, communication, leadership and other aspects of teamwork.

Activities are selected based on the goals of the group as well as individual goals. They are also selected based on the successes, challenges, and progress the team makes throughout the day.

Typical Team-Building Program (4 hours)

  • Arrive & Welcome 
  • Ice Breakers & Warm-ups
  • Team-Building Activities (2-4 activities)
  • Closing

At the conclusion of some of the elements, staff will facilitate a conversation to share observations, explore lessons learned and make connections between the experiences on the course as it relates to everyday team interactions.

Sample Activities

The low course offers more than 100 activities for your team. Our staff select activities based on your goals, objectives, and abilities. Groups are welcome to request actives below. Staff reserves the right to change elements to maintain the safety of the participants and staff.

  • All Aboard: Get your whole team ‘on board’ the small platform for success. 
  • Multi-Vine: Get your whole team across the gap using the cable, ropes and your team.
  • Pipeline: Design a pipeline to transport ‘hazardous waste’ and put it in a decontamination container.
  • Zig Zag: Build a walkway to get your whole team across the ‘molten lava’ to escape.
  • Wall: Tackle the wall as a team and metaphorically tackle all that stands in your way.