Ropes course participant on high course

The high course is located 35 feet off the ground in the treetops of Bond Park. Groups are invited to climb, balance, swing, zip and challenge themselves while in the trees.

The high course works on team building from a different perspective. Watching peers take risks and push themselves beyond their comfort zone is rewarding, encouraging, and motivating. Team building takes on a more personal perspective with the high course. The high course is a learning playground for all ages as you focus on trust, supporting, encouraging and overcoming fears.

Harnesses, helmets and other safety gear are used, and trained facilitators walk participants through safety training before climbing to the treetops.

Typical High Adventure program (4 hours)

  • Arrive & Welcome 
  • Gear Up (Putting on Harnesses)
  • Ground School (Safety Training)
  • High Course 
  • Closing

Sample Activities

  • Ground School: Experience what the high course will be like while you’re closer to the ground.
  • Log Ladder: This is the way into the high course.
  • Earthquake Bridge: Cross the bridge of swinging boards.
  • Zip Line: Exit the high course by riding the 275-feet long trolley and cable system