Swinging Bridge 

Team Building and One High Adventure (4-5 hours)

Enjoy the team-building experience of the low course and highlight it with a high adventure activity. This is a great way to get both experiences in a half-day program. Add the Giant Swing or Leap of Faith to the Low Course Team Building program.

  • Giant Swing: Choose your challenge with our Giant Swing. Your team will pull you to your desired height, pull the rip cord and enjoy the ride.
  • Leap of Faith: Climb a tree to a 40-feet high platform and jump off. Don’t worry, your team members below will catch you using the safety ropes attached to your harness.

Full Day Team-Building and High Adventure (7-8 hours)

Get the best of the Low Course Team Building and the High Adventure Course. The first half of the day will be team building on the low course and progresses to the High Adventure Course.

Please visit Teambuilding Low Course or High Adventure Course for details about the specific courses.