Swinging Bridge 

Team Building and One High Adventure (4-5 hours)

This combo sampler of both our programs is best for groups with limited time that want the team building experience of the Low Course and a taste of the High Adventure Course.

  • Giant Swing: Choose your challenge with our Giant Swing. After your team pulls you to your desired height, pull the rip cord and enjoy the ride.
  • Leap of Faith: Climb a tree to a 40-feet high platform and jump off. Don’t worry, your team members below will catch you using the safety ropes attached to your harness.

Full Day Team Building and High Adventure (7-8 hours)

Get the most out of your experience by participating in both of our programs for a full day! The first half of your day will be spent on the Low Course focusing on team building. In the afternoon you will explore the trees in our High Adventure Course. You will walk away from this full day experience with new knowledge about yourself and personal abilities as well as new perspective on contributing as a member of a team. 

Please visit Team Building Low Course or High Adventure Course for details about the specific courses.