Bond Park Challenge Course is an outdoor learning facility that is more than a recreational experience. Our guests engage in a facilitated experience that focuses on teamwork and team development. Our Challenge Course, often called a ropes course, does not always involve ropes, but always involves working with a team to accomplish goals.

Programs at Bond Park’s Challenge Course

  • Focus on cooperation, trust, leadership, communication, and more.
  • Inspire thoughtful conversation and relate to daily life through the use of metaphors.
  • Are designed for groups of 8 or more, 10 years of age or older.

What participants at the Challenge Course can expect

  • An outdoor, guided experience tailored to the goals of their team.
  • Activities geared toward safely exploring what it means to be a team.
  • Initiatives that offer a mix of physical and mental challenges.
  • A choice to participate in a manner that appropriately challenges individuals and the team.

Bond Park Challenge Course Group Program Options

Camp Counselors 2015


Half Day Low Course: Team Development 
Group Size: 70 max



High Course


Half Day High Course: Adventure 
Group Size: 25 max





Half Day Low with One High: Low Team Development and one High Adventure activity
Group Size: 25 max



Trust Fall


Full Day: Low Team Development and High Adventure
Group Size: 25 max




Programs are scheduled throughout the year for individuals to participate on the course if not part of a group. Sample programs include knot tying, zip line, and more. Visit the Outdoor Recreation section in the Seasonal Brochure for a complete listing.