Cary Dog Park at Godbold Park: 2050 Northwest Maynard Road

Cary Dog Park at Jack Smith Park: 9725 Penny Road

The Town of Cary dog parks provide a place for dog owners to let their pets run free safely and legally without a leash. The Dog Park at Godbold Park is near the corner of Northwest Maynard and Chapel Hill Roads and the Dog Park at Jack Smith Park is at the corner of Holly Springs Road and Penny Road.

Annual Memberships & Day Passes

Pet owners can purchase an annual membership or day pass at any Cary community center. Membership cards and day passes will allow entry through an electronic gate at both parks. 

Fees Resident    Non-Resident 
Single Dog    $40  $80 
Multi-Dog $60  $120 
Dog Day Pass $5 


With the card access system, the Town can:

  • Require proof of vaccinations for the health and safety of humans and dogs
  • Offset operating costs through memberships and fees
  • Track usage to plan for the future
  • Promote registration of dogs within Cary

What you will need to register:

  • Town of Cary Pet ID Tag - Cary residents are required to purchase a Pet ID tag for each dog/cat. Non-residents are required to follow their own local ordinance and do not have to purchase a Town of Cary Pet ID tag in order to use the Cary Dog Parks. Town of Cary Pet ID tags may be obtained for a one-time fee of $50 for non-neutered or non-spayed pet, $10 for animals that have been neutered or spayed, and $5 for animals that have been neutered or spayed and micro-chipped. Owners must provide proof from a veterinarian that neuter/spay operation has been performed. Acceptable forms of proof are either a copy of the bill for the operation or veterinarian’s signature on the pet tag application form.
  • Cary Dog Park Registration form & waiver, completed and signed by pet owner
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination
  • Cary Dog Park Rules

Bring all of the above to any Town of Cary Community Center

Bond Park Community Center, 150 Metro Park Drive, in Bond Park
Herbert C. Young Community Center, 101 Wilkinson Ave, adjacent to Town Hall Campus
Middle Creek Community Center, 123 Middle Creek Park Ave, on Middle Creek High School campus

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