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Town of Cary Geocaching Guidelines

These guidelines are applicable to geocaches hidden in Town of Cary parks and/or along Town owned greenways:

  • When hiding, finding, and trading items in a geocache you are subject to all applicable  federal, state, and local laws including park hours.
  • All geocaches should be hidden according to the Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines published at Geocaching.
  • Geocaches are prohibited within Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, within the Cary Dog Parks, on any sports field in a Town of Cary park, or in any landscaped area or plant bed in a Town of Cary park.
  • Use common sense. Don't hide a geocache in an area that will present a danger to others who might be looking for it or to park or greenway visitors who are unfamiliar with geocaching. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as burying a geocache, or leaving a geocache in a tree.
  • Stay on the trails. The trails are there to provide access to sensitive areas, but limit the impact of visitors on those areas.
  • No dangerous objects, knives, food or illegal substances may be in geocaches in the Town's parks.
  • The Town reserves the right to confiscate any geocache found on park property, for any reason. The Town is in no way responsible for any damage to or loss of geocaches or equipment that is caused by others. The Town is in no way liable for injuries associated with searching for or hiding a geocache.


Dwayne Jones
Community Recreation Manager
(919) 469-4064