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CTP Academy coaches are committed to junior player development and growth. This not only includes tactical training and technical development, but also navigating the tournament pathway and providing coaching at tournaments. All of these are paramount in a player's success. We use our years of experience and knowledge to create a personalized training experience and tournament plan tailored to the individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Tournament Scheduling: We hold parent meetings to discuss video analysis, goal setting, tournament schedules and expectations. These meetings are a great way for coaches and parents to sit and discuss a game plan for the individual player. We feel it is important not only to hold formal meetings, but also to keep the lines of communication open at all times.   

Tournament Coaching: Cary Tennis Park Academy coaches provide tournament coaching throughout the year. Not only will you see them at local tournaments, but our coaches keep a heavy travel schedule including tournaments around the state, the south, and across the US. Every Memorial Day weekend, 14 members of our staff head to Winston-Salem for the biggest state tournament of the year. There, our coaches provide pre- and post-match coaching to all of our Academy players. You will also find them at the Winter and Spring Southern Closed which is held in five different states.

Facilitating College Placement: During a player's high school years, our coaches can help those who are being recruited navigate the process of playing collegiate tennis. This includes working through the timeline, talking to coaches, advising families of their options, and more. Our coaches have had extensive experience in this process and are well equipped to help facilitate college placement at any level.

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