Potters and clay artists of all skill levels are welcome to join our Clay Open Studio program. Our dedicated studio is open, inviting and buzzing with activity for adults as well as special times for children.

Clay Open Studio Pic 1The Clay Open Studio is fully furnished with all the equipment needed: 10 potters' wheels, a slab roller, two extruders, and tables with lots of space. We offer electric firing up to cone 6 and raku firings. We also sell a wide variety of clays from Highwater, Laguna, Standard, and a couple of local clays from StarWorks Ceramics. Clay must be purchased from the Center and paid for prior to use. The Center offers a variety of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain clay bodies.

All stoneware and earthenware clays sell for $0.85 per pound (tax included). Our porcelain clays sell for $1.25 per pound (tax included). Clay may be purchased by the pound or in unopened 25-pound bags. Cary Arts Center does not permit the use of outside clay in the studio.

Adjacent to the Clay Open Studio is our Glaze Lab, which is home to all kinds of glazing possibilities. The Glaze Lab houses all of our glazes and glaze preparation materials and chemicals. We have one of the largest glaze selections in the Triangle which includes: manufactured brush-on and dipping glazes from Amaco, Georgie’s, Laguna, and Spectrum; recipe based dipping glazes; low fire glazes from Mayco and Amaco; and specialty glazes like underglazes, majolica, low fire crystal glazes, and lusters. Studio users are welcome to use available center glazes but the Center cannot honor special requests or be responsible for out of stock glazes or other surface decoration options. Studio users may use personal glazes only with the approval of the Program Supervisor-Art Studios.

Clay Studio Pic 2