The North Carolina Storytelling Guild and the Town of Cary present the first Old North State Storytelling Festival at The Cary Theater, November 1-2, 2019. Both national and regional storytellers will be featured in the weekend's events. While none of the shows is intended primarily for children, material presented will be appropriate for families. Although storytellers will be at multiple shows, the stories they tell will be different at each show.

The Tellers

Michael Reno Harrell
Michael Reno Harrell is an award-winning songwriter, as well as a veteran storyteller and entertainer, from the southern Appalachian mountains. Michael's natural knack for storytelling, in print, song, and spoken word has earned him praise from not only the music community but from the literary and storytelling worlds as well, having had the honor of being a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival and to be Teller In Residence at the International Storytelling Center, as well as performing at major music events like MerleFest and the Walnut Valley Festival. Along with his performances, Michael often conducts workshops in songwriting and storytelling.

Donna Washington
Donna Washington is an internationally known, multiple award-winning storyteller, spoken word recording artist, and author. A highly animated performer, she has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences with her vocal pyrotechnics, elastic face, and deep characterizations that bring folklore, literary tales, and personal narratives to life for over thirty years. Donna has been called a “Walking Disney Movie,” and told she was "better than television."

Donald Davis
Donald Davis was born in a Southern Appalachian mountain world rich in stories. While he heard many traditional stories about Jack and other heroic characters, he was most attracted to the stories of his own family and places of origin. During his 25-year career as a United Methodist minister, Davis began to use stories more and more. He was also asked to begin performing at festivals and in other settings until he retired from the church to tell stories full time. Davis is the recipient of both the Circle of Excellence and the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Storytelling Network.

ReVonda Crow

Linda Gorham

Larry Pearlman

Brian Sturm

Jon Sundell

Jessica Willis

Donna Washington
Michael Reno Harrell hz
donald davis telling

Friday Evening Concert 7 p.m.

Linda Gorham / Jessica Willis / Donald Davis / Donna Washington / Michael Reno Harrell
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Saturday Morning Concert 10 a.m.

Jon Sundell / Brian Sturm / Michael Reno Harrell / Donald Davis / Donna Washington
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Saturday Afternoon Concert 1:30 p.m.

ReVonda Crow / Jessica Willis / Donna Washington
Linda Gorham / Larry Pearlman / Michael Reno Harrell
Jon Sundell / Brian Sturm / Donald Davis
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Saturday Evening Concert 7:00 p.m.

Larry Pearlman / ReVonda Crow / Donna Washington / Michael Reno Harrell / Donald Davis
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Order of tellers may change without notice. National tellers will participate in all shows. While storytellers will be at multiple shows, the stories they tell will be different at each show.

After October 18, 2019 all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

For information about out-of-town lodging, sponsors, and other guild activities, visit North Carolina Storytelling Guild.