En Plein Air

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Paint the Town, Art Auction, and Gala

Award Winners 2019 En Plein Air

Honorable mentions

Duncan- Bond landing









Bond Landing by Duncan Moore

Don-Bond Park Lake 










Bond Park Lake by Don Hamilton

Judith- Dry house neighbors











Dry House Neighbors by Judith Collins

Award Winners 

Tammy- Across  lake crabtree from black creek










$200.00- Green way: Across Lake Crabtree by Tammy Kaufman

Lyudmila- Herbs and Birds 










$200.00 - Third Place: Herbs and Birds by Lyudmila Tomova


Tesh- heater park

$300.00 - Second Place:  Heater Park by Tesh Parekh

cheryl- Sat at the farmers market

$600.00 - First Place: Saturday Farmers Market by Cheryl Powell

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