Competition Rules

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Competition consists of two rounds each one minute in length.

Dog owner gets one practice throw at the beginning of round one. No practice throws in round two.

The thrower must always throw from behind the throwing line and between the throwing line cones, but may move freely around the field at other times. A throw will not be scored if the thrower steps on or over the throwing line prior to or during the release of the disc (foot fault). If the disc leaves the thrower’s hand before time is called, the throw will be scored if caught by the canine in bounds.

To receive points, catches must be completed by a canine with all four paws landing within one of the official scoring zones. If a canine catches a disc with paws in more than one scoring zone, the catch will be scored as if it were made in the scoring zone closest to the throwing line. If a canine tips the disc and subsequently catches the disc in bounds, the catch will be scored where the catch was completed.

Scoring is based on the following point scale. No points are awarded for catches under 10 yards.
Zone 1 (10-20 yards) 1 Point
Zone 2 (20-30 yards) 2 Points
Zone 3 (30-40 yards) 3 Points
End Zone (40-50 yards) 5 Points

An additional half-point bonus will be awarded for each successful catch in which the dog makes a catch with all four paws clearly off the ground in an obvious jumping effort and subsequently lands with all four paws in a scoring zone.

Round two will begin with the lowest scoring dog and go to the highest scoring dog.

If there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place a tie breaker round will be played. This round will have 30 seconds of throw time for each dog. The dog winning the tie breaker round will be given the award.

Prizes are awarded to the top 3 dogs. The winner also has the chance to compete in regional competitions. One disc will be provided for each dog that competes.