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This category features original creations using wet media, including watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, applied on a flat surface, such as a canvas or board.

Artists are sorted by last name. Refer to the festival map to locate artist booth spaces.

Laura Amore Wilson Laura Amore Wilson
Booth G27
Lew Wilson Art
Apex, NC
 Casey Bingham Casey Bingham
Booth C29
Casey Bing Art
Cary, NC
 Judy Brubach Judy Brubach
Booth D16
Vives Colore Art
Cary, NC
 Barbara Crockett Barbara Crockett
Booth B22
Raleigh, NC
 Lauren deSerres Lauren deSerres
Booth C03
Proud Chicken Studio
Pittsboro, NC
 Ryan Fox Ryan Fox
Booth B08
Ryan Fox Painting
Raleigh, NC
 Amanda Greiner Amanda Greiner
Booth G23
Greiner Studio
Pittsboro, NC
 Constance Guerra Constance Guerra
Booth G14
Constance Guerra Art
Raleigh, NC
 Jill Jackson Jill Jackson
Booth C23
Seaspray Watercolors
Wilmington, NC
 Sandra Lett Sandra Lett
Booth F07
Sandra Lett, Artist
Linden, NC
 Kristin Lozoya Kristin Lozoya
Booth F26
Cary, NC
 Seton McGlennon Seton McGlennon
Booth G09
Seton's Studio
Cary, NC
 Tommy Midyette Tommy Midyette
Booth C39
Tommy's Artworks Inc.
Raleigh, NC
 Heidi Miller Heidi Miller
Booth C11
Heidi's Palette
Durham, NC
 Ashley Mortensen Ashley Mortenson
Booth E01
Ashley Mortenson Art
Greensboro, NC
 Erin Nelson Erin Nelson
Booth A08
Keleri Art Studio
Morehead City, NC
 Susie Silver Susie Silver
Booth D05
Susie Silver Art
Cary, NC
 Ken Vrana Ken Vrana
Booth G04
Ken Vrana Art
Cary, NC
 Cheng Qing Wang Cheng Qing Wang
Booth F16
Qing's Art
Cary, NC