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This category features original clay and porcelain art objects other than jewelry, whether functional or decorative. Works are made by hand-shaping, then firing.

Artists are sorted by last name. Refer to the festival map to locate artist booth spaces.

 Colleen Adair Clay Colleen Adair
Booth C12
Bittersweet Pottery by Colleen Adair
Raleigh, NC
 Marina Bosetti Clay Marina Bosetti
Booth B13
Bosetti Art Tile
Raleigh, NC
 Alysa Cantor Clay Alysa Cantor
Booth G25
Guest House Pottery
Cary, NC
 Garry Childs Clay Garry Childs
Booth E09
Garry Childs Pottery
Rougemont, NC
 Jan Gibson Clay Jan Gibson
Booth B18
Raleigh, NC
 Morgan Harris Clay Morgan Harris
Booth A13
Morgan Harris Pottery
High Point, NC
 Zena Holzapfel Xena Holzapfel
Booth C20
Xena Electra Ceramics
Cary, NC
 Doreen Jakob Clay Doreen Jakob
Booth G18
Doora Ceramics
Durham, NC
 Kathy Lylles Kathy Lylles
Booth C30
Winterville, NC
 Laurie McNair Clay Laurie McNair
Booth F11
Hokulele Pottery
Raleigh, NC
 James Neville Clay James Nevill
Booth D02
Nevill, LLC
Apex, NC
 Terry Pfeiffer Clay Terry Pfeiffer
Booth C04
Two Paws Pottery
Raleigh, NC
 Nancy Redman Clay Nancy Redman
Booth A02
Redman Pottery
Knightdale, NC
 Judith Simon Clay Judith Simon
Booth C04
Flip Your Lids Pottery
Raleigh, NC
 Jan Valletta Jan Valletta
Booth F22
Big Bottom Pottery
Raleigh, NC
 Joan Walsh Clay  Joan Walsh
Booth D12
Joan Walsh Pottery
Raleigh, NC
 Marie Wright Clay Marie Wright
Booth G11
Marie Wright Pottery
Pittsboro, NC