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Yo, Vikings!: CAST LIST

THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned for this production. Casting is a really tough job. Thank you to all for your support and enthusiasm.  


Emma Katz: Jessica Soffian
Mom (Judy Katz): Zoe Wright
Sigurd Torvaldsson: William Kalland
Ollie Katz: Dee Filipiak
Mrs. Mukherjee: Merissa Mazza
Nikki Tibbles: Rachel Bowers
Zinzi Fernandez-Muñoz: Seanna Osborne
Sebby Fernandez-Muñoz: Leiyla Brent
Murphy Bean: Cameron Fulton
Bothvar, the Fork-Splitter: Claude Mouton
Helga, the Clang-Fist: Miana White
Gunnhild, the She-Bear: Ellaina Justice Shreve
Olaf, the Boorish: Arel Marsh
Thorkle, the Traveler: Victor Bohner

Vikings & Kids: 
Aren Marsh
Alex McLellan
Sofia Tovar

Please email to accept your role. You will receive additional information and schedule details the week of April 2.