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Once On This Island Jr: CAST LIST

THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned for this production. Casting is a really tough job. Thank you to all for your support and enthusiasm.  


Storyteller 1/Villager: Maddie Alger
Storyteller 2/Villager: Maia Tsalik
Storyteller 3/Little Girl/Villager: Rishika Karanam
Storyteller 4/Little Ti Moune/Villagers: Ellie Hamashima
Mama Euralie: Judea Bowden
Tonton Julian: Alex McLellan
Ti Moune: Felice Kho
Daniel Beauxhomme: Garrett Bulger
Daniel’s Son: Sofia Tovar
Gatekeeper: Leiyla Brent
Andrea: Lexi Willbrand
Papa Ge: Wesley Miles D’Agostino
Asaka: Vicki Brent
Agwe: Jessica Taylor
Erzulie: Emma Welch
Grands Hommes: Leiyla Brent, Julia Chung, Sofia Tovar

Please email to accept your role. You will receive additional information and schedule details by noon on September 10.