Find Your Sense of Place

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Discover Your Neighborhood in this Unique Artwork by Matt McConnell

If you're reading this, you've found Matt McConnell's sculptural entry markers at Cary's Downtown Park and have completed Step 1 of this game. Congrats!

In Step 2, things get a little trickier. Look carefully at the image of the entry marker and legend below, then read on to find out what's next.


You've probably noticed that there are four different colored boxes, just like there are four different entry markers at the Downtown Park. Two face Academy Street, while the other two face Dry Avenue and the Cary Arts Center. What you may not have noticed: Those lines and curves on the side panels of the entry markers are actually different aerial views of neighborhoods in Cary. 

The colored boxes also have Roman numerals and letters associated with them. These numerals and letters combine to make codes that represent different areas and neighborhoods. 

Now for Step 3! Search for your address in the map below by clicking on the [  ] icon in the top right corner to find your neighborhood's corresponding code. Then scroll down for one final instruction.

Did you figure out your code? Great! Now compare that code to the diagram of the park above. Locate the piece by Roman numeral first (I-IV), then determine which side to view by letter (A-D), then go to your panel by number (1 is top, 5 is bottom). You should see some familiar lines and curves.

Now that you've found your neighborhood on the piece, use the map to see what else you can find in your area! Hint: each box has a unique description. Click on it to see what it says!