Cary is currently under a Stay-at-Home order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most public-facing and staffed facilities are closed to the public, including Town Hall. All playgrounds are closed but greenways, parks, and park restrooms remain open at this time. Some services have been canceled or are limited. Learn more.


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Academy Street Melody
Jack Mackie
Arts Alfresco
Brad Spencer
Balancing Act II
Holly Jones and Chad Bush
Bowstring Vines
Michael Stutz
Cary Arts Center
Norie Sato, Jim Hirschfield & Sonya Ishii
Todd Frahm
Curvaceous Kiss
Russ RuBert
Dancing Beams
Brian Monaghan
Dapple I
Victoria Reed
Dinosaur Bench
Jim Gallucci
Flower Benches
Rodney Carroll
Ecclesiastes (War Wagon)
Phil Alan Simpson
Fire Hydrants
Rachel Herrick
Fred Bond Bust
Carl Regutti
Gates for Hemlock Bluffs
Lucas House, Iron House Forge
Gateway to Excellence
James T. Russell
Get Away Car
Adam Walls
Green Light
Carolyn Braaksma
Hot Rolled Equus
Michael Stutz
Imaginary Garden
Barbara Grygutis
Interim VIII
Bruce Niemi
Join the Parade
Jane A. Rankin
Gary Price
N-S Urban Footprint
Erik Beerbower
Oracle Bench
Jim Gallucci
Jim Gallucci
Properties of Light
Carl and Ethan Peverall
Matt McConnell
Sense of Place
Matt McConnell
Shared Histories
Susan Harbage Page
Stoneleaf + Fairy Circle
Michael Roy Lane
Suffolk Sheep
William Moore
Swan Benches
Christine Bourdette
The Meeting Place
Nina Hole
The Railroad Man
Carl Regutti
Two New Parks
Erik Beerbower and Mary Carter Taub
John Merigian
Walter Hines Page Bust
Carl Regutti
Vollis Simpson
Beverly Stucker Precious
The News Boy
James Muir