Zeynep Guvenc: Magical Colors Dancing on Water

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  • IMG_9873 (Small)
    55"W x 33"H

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    19"W x 15"H

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    9"W x 13"H

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    9"W x 13"H

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    9"W x 13"H

Artist Statement 

It makes me to come back the studio with the same excitement every single day: the magic of colors dancing on water, the joy of morphing them from shape to shape, and the inexpressible pride when I hold my art in my hands in the end.

Water marbling, also known as 'Ebru' in Turkish, is an art for creating colorful patterns on water by sprinkling and brushing color pigments. After you paint your artwork on special water surface, you can transfer it into paper. The ebru art is like being in another world: it calms your spirit, helps you discover yourself, and gain a new perspective about life.

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For more about Zeynep Guvenc and her artwork, watch the videos below for an interview and inside look at her studio!