Susan LaMantia: Making a Mark - Abstract Expressionism

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I believe my paintings through color, shape and texture reflect the energy I put into my creative process. I have been inspired by the pure colors, distortions and boldness of the Fauves, as well as the impulsive & gestural interpretations of the Abstract Expressionists. I apply the paint directly with my hands as I don’t like having anything between me and the canvas. I like the feel of the paint as I move it around. I like my work to look spontaneous but organized; gestural but not chaotic.

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  • What is this Thing Called Love
    What is this Thing Called Love

  • Slightly Outnumbered
    Slightly Outnumbered

  • Modern Priscilla
    Modern Priscilla

  • Homage to Ben Williams
    Homage to Ben Williams

  • Body and Soul
    Body and Soul

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Introducing: Susan LaMantia


Tell us more about your background and what you do.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?


What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?


What is something that you've learned along the way as an artist?


Studio Tour


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