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Moscow by Matt McCarthyMatt McCarthy’s giant cat collages are surreal postcards from an alternate timeline where enormous felines walk the earth. His pieces are born out of physical media (vintage postcards, magazines, and photos) and combined digitally, giving them an uncanny authenticity. By increasing the size of his cat subjects, he amplifies all of their traits, making these felines even more dangerous, contemplative, and curious. 

  • Beach by MattMcCarthy

  • BlueRidgeParkway by MattMcCarthy
    Blue Ridge Parkway

  • Colosseum by Matt McCarthy

  • Crosswalk by Matt McCarthy

  • Fallingwater by Matt McCarthy
    Falling Water

  • LasVegas by Matt McCarthy
    Las Vegas

About the Artist

Matt McCarthy (b. 1980, United States) lives and works in Chapel Hill, NC. His collage artwork contrasts domestic felines with various scenes and objects to create humorous surreal compositions. The utilization of existing cat images reinforces the timeless appeal of felines, and draws a common thread through a variety of media and reference material. His work has been shown at the National Collage Society, the Verbeke Foundation (Belgium), and the Durham Art Guild among other exhibitions. For more information, visit his website.


Watch the video below to see how Matt McCarthy creates his digital collages!