Art Quilts: insight

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Presented by Professional Art Quilter’s Alliance-South

Medium: Textiles / Mixed Media

An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, penetrating mental vision or discernment; faculty of seeing into the inner character or underlying truth. Members of the Professional Art Quilter’s Alliance - South use the medium of cloth and stitch to share their understanding, observations and messages about the world around us.

  • quilt by Jane Herlihy

    Jane Herlihy

  • quilt by  Marjorie Barner
    We Are All Connected - Lend a Hand

    Marjorie Barner

  • quilt by Kathy Johnson
    Adirondack Chair

    Kathy Johnson

Each artist sees the world in a unique way, and communicates with a visual language that is at once universal and completely individual. What insightful and intuitive understandings of your world do you want to communicate to your audience? What penetrating mental vision or discernment are you striving to share? What actions do you wish to incite?

For more information and to see more works from this exhibition, visit ART QUILTS insight.