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RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
354-TF19-3FY 2019 Street Improvements - Project B02/01/2019 8:00 AM02/28/2019 11:00 AMOpen
Single Shaft Mixer Replacement01/11/2019 8:00 AM01/31/2019 2:00 PMClosed
354-RFB19-08Theater Lighting Equipment and Installation for Koka Booth Amphitheatre01/11/2019 8:00 AM02/05/2019 2:00 PMClosed
354-WR19-2CIPP Lining for Existing Sewer Lines Project (SW1303)01/09/2019 8:00 AM02/06/2019 11:00 AMClosed
354-TF19-2Bond Park Waterfront Improvements01/08/2019 8:00 AM01/31/2019 11:00 AMClosed
354-WR19-1On-Call Environmental, Science & Engineering Services01/04/2019 12:00 PM02/08/2019 3:00 PMClosed
Kildaire Farm Road Water Main Project12/17/2018 8:00 AM01/31/2019 3:00 PMClosed