Flag Resolution

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Whereas, flags have been used for thousands of years to symbolize leadership and to display the insignia of a community, an office, an organization, or an individual; and,

Whereas, flag color and design should not be selected arbitrarily, but, rather, be deliberately chosen to symbolize the culture, history, principals, and values of the body that the flag is to represent; and,

Whereas, the following colors are determined to appropriately represent the Town of Cary municipal corporation as follows:

  • GREEN, the most predominant color on the planet, the color of nature; symbolizing honor, inspiring balance, sensitivity, and compassion, and awakening greater friendliness, hope, faith, and peace; represents the Town of Cary’s commitment to preserving and protecting our finite natural resources;

  • WHITE, containing all the colors of the light spectrum; symbolizing tolerance and inclusion, inspiring truth and purity, and awakening greater creativity, and intensity; represents the Town of Cary’s commitment to an open, democratic process and an involved electorate;

  • BLUE, the ancient color for public service, the color of water; symbolizing loyalty and faithfulness and inspiring scholarship and achievement; represents the Town of Cary’s commitment to serving citizens in the most effective and efficient manner;

  • GOLD, one of the most resistant metals--defying tarnish, discoloration, or crumbling; connecting civilizations throughout recorded history; symbolizing economic well-being, inspiring enthusiasm, and awakening the entrepreneurial spirit; represents the Town of Cary’s commitment to providing infrastructure, facilities, and other resources necessary to ensure the highest quality of life for Cary citizens;

  • BLACK, the predominant color of space, night, and the written word; symbolizing constancy, eternity, and infinity, inspiring sophistication and elegance, and awakening strength and fortitude; represents the Town of Cary’s commitment to doing the hard work and making the difficult decisions necessary to prepare for a long, healthy future; and,

Whereas, the Town seal is registered with the State of North Carolina as an official insignia of the Town of Cary municipal corporation and contains the follow elements:

1861, the date of the Town of Cary’s incorporation;
DOGWOOD, the official flower of the State of North Carolina;
HOUSE, representing a commitment to serving citizens;
CHURCH, representing a commitment to religious freedom;
TORCH, representing a commitment to enlightenment;
SCHOOL, representing a commitment to education.

Now be it resolved that the Cary Town Council designates the following colors and design to comprise the official flag of the municipal corporation, Town of Cary, North Carolina:

  • Three large bands of color—emerald green, pearl white, and sapphire blue—arranged horizontally the length of the fly, one below the other;
  • The official Town seal--shown in onyx black--followed by the words, "Town of Cary, North Carolina" across the central band of pearl white;
  • A band of gold fringe surrounding the entirety of the flag.

Adopted this the 14th day of June 2001.