The Town of Cary provides safe, clean water to our customers, works to assure that our waterways are healthy, and that our citizens have the tools they need to use water wisely.

Water Conservation

More than 65% of our water customers have adopted at least one water-wise practice as a result of our nationally-recognized water conservation program. By following the year-round watering schedule, being water efficient inside your home, or using Aquastar to better understand your water use and find leaks, you, too, can be part of the culture of conservation in Cary.

Reclaimed Water

The Town of Cary was first in North Carolina to pump reclaimed water to homes as well as businesses in specific areas for non-potable uses. After receiving special training, any customer can receive a minimum of 250 gallons of bulk reclaimed water for designated uses. Furthering our commitment to using our resources wisely, in 2015 the Town will expand the use of reclaimed water to Thomas Brooks Park and the USA Baseball National Training Center.


Cary's comprehensive stormwater management program protects our waterways, water quality and helps ensure environmentally sound development. Be sure and check out our stormwater education website and Walnut Creek Green Stormwater Incentive Pilot for ways you can help protect the quality of Cary's streams.

Drinking Water

The Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility processes water from Jordan Lake to make potable water and distributes it through 990 miles of pipes for Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and RTP South. By using our water wisely, Cary utility customers helped delay the current expansion of the water treatment plant by 3 years.


The Town of Cary operates three water reclamation facilities which use biological nutrient reduction processes to treat wastewater and safely return it to the environment. The water is treated to levels that consistently surpass permit standards before being discharged back into tributaries of the Neuse and Cape Fear rivers. As part of our commitment to being stewards of our natural resources, liquid biosolids produced at our South and West facilities are dried into pellets called Enviro Gems and are used as nutrient supplements for agriculture and landscaping purposes.