In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect our environment, the Town of Cary has partnered with Raleigh-based company JouleBug to give citizens a free tool to learn about sustainable behaviors and to make choosing green fun!

Download the Joulebug app and earn the Cary badge!

The JouleBug mobile app contains tips and tricks for making green choices in your everyday life and then allows you to earn badges for logging your actions. You can also share what you are doing with your friends via your social networks.

Cary It Green Virtual Badge

The "Cary It Green" Badge is designed to educate and inspire our community to take personal actions that conserve the earth's resources and contribute to a sustainable future. This virtual badge is awarded to those JouleBug users who get three pins by doing (or "buzzing") a certain action like logging into Aquastar, using the greenway, donating an item instead of throwing it away, or volunteering with our Spruce program to keep Cary clean and forever green.

The Cary virtual badge is funded through an Environmental Protection Agency grant and a partnership with JouleBug.


Emily Barrett
Sustainability Manager
(919) 469-5125